The Dean Family


Our Family Website

We are just another All-American family. Work, school, church, family...not really in that order, but you get the idea. Lots to do, but we are getting by day by day. We thank God for our immediate family, all of our extended family, and all of our friends who share our lives. Best wishes from our family to yours, and thank you for visiting our website!

A Little More About Us

One Mom, one Dad, one little girl, one little boy. What is more perfect than that? We live in a South Central US metropolitan area - if you've visited, you may know it by the skyline photo. We've lived in a couple of different states, and even though we are currently seperated from our extended families, we think of them every day. What we've learned is that even though we are seperated, we take them with us wherever we go. Family is in our blood and makes us who we are.